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Design driven Software Engineer
Description UI Component Library CI/CD Pipelines Developer Tools (CLI tools, scripts, etc) Coordinating framework updates Performing prototype experiments of new technologies Refactor and uplift existing functionality with the same requirements as currently implemented. And more The team are now looking to expand with one more developer with focus on UI/UX/Accessibility to strengthen the collaboration between design and development. Work tasks such as: Taking responsibility for the greater whole of the UI development on the mobile app side. Further develop our existing embryo of a UI-component library Gather and/or create development guidelines for UI/UX/Accessibility and educate developers in these areas. Participate in workshops regarding UI/UX/Accessibility to support requirement engineering, test, and other parts of product development. Requirements - Experience with: TypeScript React or React Native Education or experience with working with design. Desired - Experience with: UI-component library maintenance Knowledge of WCAG (2.1) and it's levels Native mobile development (iOS/Android) UI Design Multi locale support, including right to left languages such as Hebrew, Arabic etc. We don't expect anyone to have all the desired points but should match some of them. Personlighet  Kreativ problemlösare som hanterar unika problem utan tydlig lösning från början. Självgående och driven. Nyfiken och allmänbildad. Ödmjuk, bra sociala och kommunikativa färdigheter.

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