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Infrastructure Automation
PowerShell,Windows,Ansible playbooks,ServiceNow,Scripts
We are seeking a Senior Infrastructure Automation Specialist with expertise in PowerShell scripting, Ansible, ServiceNow, and other infrastructure automation tools. This role is pivotal in optimizing our IT infrastructure, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring the reliability and scalability of our IT environment. The successful candidate will be responsible for driving automation initiatives, as well as selecting the right methodologies and tool sets for varied automation use cases.  Key Responsibilities:  Infrastructure Automation: Develop and implement automation solutions for infrastructure provisioning, configuration management, and deployment. Create, maintain, and optimize PowerShell scripts to automate Windows and other platform-related tasks. Design, develop, and maintain Ansible playbooks and roles for automation and orchestration of IT processes. Integrate ServiceNow with other automation tools to streamline IT service management processes. Scripting and Tool Expertise:  Leverage in-depth expertise in PowerShell scripting to automate routine administrative tasks and system maintenance. Create, enhance, and maintain automation scripts that align with best practices and coding standards. Evaluate, select, and implement infrastructure automation tools that best suit organizational needs.  Methodology and Tool Selection: Assess automation needs across various IT domains and choose the most appropriate methodologies, including imperative, declarative, and domain-specific approaches. Conduct thorough evaluations of automation tools and platforms, considering scalability, compatibility, ease of integration, cost-effectiveness, and vendor support.  Customization and Integration: Customize selected tools and methodologies to fit the unique requirements of the organization. Ensure seamless integration with existing systems and processes. Collaboration:  Collaborate with cross-functional IT teams, including system administrators, network engineers, and developers, to identify automation opportunities. Act as a subject matter expert and provide guidance on automation best practices.  Documentation: Document automation processes, scripts, playbooks, and rationale for methodology and tool selection. Maintain a centralized knowledge base.  Monitoring and Troubleshooting: Monitor automated processes to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently. Diagnose and resolve automation-related issues and errors promptly.  Continuous Improvement: Regularly review and optimize existing automation solutions to improve efficiency and performance. Stay updated on industry trends and emerging automation technologies to identify opportunities for improvement.

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