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DevOps engineer with AWS
Are you a talented DevOps engineer with a passion for AWS and infrastructure? The position is for a new AWS cloud enablement team. An internal support team which develops infrastructure for CI/CD, software distribution, automatic deployment and cloud-based solutions. We are today using CI/CD solutions based on e.g. GitLab, Kubernetes, Terraform, Open Stack and more. We are now moving to use more and more external cloud providers, in particular AWS. As an AWS cloud enablement team, we develop the services and platform that is the foundation for all our products as we are fully transitioning to AWS and SaaS.  Position responsibilities: · Bring AWS competence to the team and contribute in the SaaS journey. Example concept would be Terraform, Landingzone, IAM, Networking, Security and Compliance, EKS, CI/CD automation, Observability and Cognito integration. · Interact with and support other development teams and developers with AWS. · Drive initiatives for AWS cloud enablement  · Have a central role in discussions to synchronize with the global Boeing organization. You will be part of a highly qualified and experienced team developing vital structures for our products and infrastructure for other teams. Today the team consists of 9 developers, and now we will set up a new parallel team. AWS Cloud enablement team · We use tools such as GitLab, Terraform, Kubernetes, Argo CD.  · We work with "Infrastructure as code" and GitOps..  · We work tightly within the team, doing a lot of pair and mob programming.  · We also do some development within the products - with emphasis on networking, security and automated deployment.  · DevOps and DevSecOps. Required Qualifications: · 5+ years of professional experience in AWS. · Fluency in English (our corporate language), spoken and written. · You are a team player with a passion for sharing your knowledge and empowering others. We believe you have an analytical approach to problem solving, good communication skills both within and outside your team and an interest in technology as well as human relations.  We also think you are driven, committed, have a positive attitude and are comfortable with continuous team growth and having fun.

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