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Service Designer
Business Intelligence
Working closely with the cutomer brand experience and helping to study and define customer profiles of the key strategic future business areas, industries, and segments - Co-create a strategic ecosystem map on how the selected industries might shape and transform in the future - Identify customer value pools and translate that into strategic focus areas for the services and solutions business - Help to bring customer business closer to customer needs, their daily context and (future) business requirements Project duration (assignment period):  Description of the team: cross-functional and multidisciplinary global team  Previous experience – prerequisite/desired: experienced in conducting 1:1 semi-structured interviews, experience working with Customer Experience assignments such as customer segmentation and research, customer profiling into Personas/Archetypes, working with Customer Journeys and Ecosystem mapping  Tools and required level of expertise: solid experience in qualitative research, customer segmentation, data triangulation, applying design methods such as customer personas, journey mapping, systemic design, strong visual communication skills. Ability to identify customer value and translate that into business opportunities. Profile: business acumen, confident in giving presentations-verbal communication and storytelling. Strong interpersonal, collaboration, and stakeholder management skills. Driven, outgoing, organised, confident in stand-alone also as team-based performance.  Portfolio: Prerequisite to have a well developed portfolio to show.   Occasional travel might be required --

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