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Uppdrag: 4570: DevOps engineer ()
Produkter: Git, Golang, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform
Roller: Systemutvecklare
Beskrivning: We are looking for a DevOps engineer to strengthen our great Software consultant team here in Gothenburg. You will be part of a team developing, integrating and deploying cloud solutions towards the Automotive Industry for one of our Telecom clients. You will be working with developing platform for automating deployment, monitoring, recovery, and capacity planning of the services they will deliver. responsibilities. The client describes that in this role you will: • Ge the chance to develop with us cutting edge cloud platform services. • Be part of an autonomous cross-functional agile team developing, deploying and operating solutions which deliver services to millions of users every day • Work in close contact with our customers • Contribute with your background to our ways of working DevOps and in as-a-service delivery • Grow in competence in two exciting, fast growing domains: cloud and automotive • Explore with us new technologies in the areas of IoT, cloud and connected vehicles. • Continuously improve our tools for continuous testing, integration, and deployment and in support to operations qualifications. We value candidates with diverse backgrounds, hence the long list below. Nobody can master all: a good candidate will be very strong in some of the items below, while being able to offer something on others.   Experiences we value are: • System Integration experience in Cloud solutions (or at least in virtualized solutions) • Experience in the implementation of modern Continuous Integration or Continuous Deployment pipelines • Testing tools and methodologies (Infra/platform test, test automation, probes, chaos testing..) • Extensive Linux experience • Working experience in DevOps setup • Operations, either as operation engineer or in automating operation activities, such as monitoring or incident handling • Security Master/Champion   Hard skills we value:  Kubernetes  Golang  Public clouds (AWS certifications are a welcome plus)  Solutions for Deployment Pipelines (we use GitOps)  Understanding of microservice architectures, Service Mesh  Automation (we use Terraform and Ansible, but we are open to learn from your experience); Infrastructure as Code  Monitoring and logging tools  Distributed revision control (such as Git)
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