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Uppdrag: 4572: Connected Car Software Engineer ()
Produkter: Java, Linux, C++, Kollin, Agile, Cd/CI, Android
Roller: Systemutvecklare
Beskrivning: Assignment Specification One year with high probability of extension Infotainment - Connected Car Software Engineer In our infotainment team we are now looking for a Connected Car Software Engineer to work with automotive applications. You collaborate with service designers, UX designers, infotainment and charging teams in different phases of the implementation process. We are looking for a candidate who is innovative, forward thinking, engaged, self-driven, collaborative, and able to break down large challenges into bite-sized, testable, problems to solve quickly. You can work together with your team, UX engineers, cloud engineers, and with partner companies, to bring about Connected-Car solutions such as Smart Charging, Plug and Charge, Vehicle to Grid, Security-Related applications. You are as comfortable designing and working with a high-level system architecture as you are with implementing the same architecture in portable, readable, well-tested code. You can implement secure applications utilizing cloud API calls from within an embedded automotive environment. Desired Skills: English (Swedish is bonus) Android and Android Automotive Development Android Studio & App Lifecycle AOSP & AOSP Build Process AIDL/HIDL Java, Kotlin Implementation of Backend APIs Java/Kotlin/C++ Best Practices Automotive programming (MISRA, etc.) Security Best Practices Embedded Linux CI/CD, TDD, Agile Development Familiarity with AutoSAR is a bonus Driver’s License
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