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Uppdrag: 4573: High Performance Computing Engineer ()
Produkter: Python, Docker, DevOps, Posix, HPC
Roller: Systemutvecklare
Beskrivning: Your Qualifications  To be successful in this position you are a Linux native and fluent in Python, and/or other scripting languages. You have experience from working with HPC technologies and are familiar with tools like Docker/Singularity/Podman and PBS/Slurm as well as Ansible or other infrastructure automation tools. It is important that you have a great ability to co-operate with customers, suppliers and colleagues. The ability to handle teamwork and co-operation is an important skill to maintain at a high standard and quality delivery to our customers. You need to be a fast learner and have an understanding of administering an HPC solution in an enterprise environment with a modern approach using “DevOps toolsets”. You will be working with standard and automation, ensure that we have an environment that we can easily monitor and maintain, supporting our developers as well as IT services. Your ability to coordinate, prioritize and handle more than one task at the same time will help you succeed in this. In addition, we believe you meet the following requirements ·         3+ years of relevant Linux experience ·         Experience of HPC environments including network, servers, clients, storage etc. ·         Experience with storage concepts such as scale-out NAS (NFS), SMB, parallel filesystems, POSIX, and object storage (to name but a few) is an important asset. ·         Experience with parallel computing (HPC/HTC), performance troubleshooting & optimization, and/or operating environments at large scale will be advantageous. ·         Communicative and a positive attitude towards customers and colleagues. ·         Understand and speak English at a professional level. ·         Organized and strive for results and quality. Your Role  As a HPC engineer you will act as one of our internal HPC “experts”. You will ensure the smooth daily operations of our HPC environment and help support our users in the business to ensure that we get the most value and performance out of the solution as possible. One part of your role will be to work with our service provider to continually improve our HPC platform. The other part of your role will be to act as one of the internal HPC experts and help users to understand the capability of the solution, show recommended ways of working, help manage workloads, stop/start jobs, prioritize jobs, remove bottlenecks, improve service etc. You will help capture problems and requirements from users & projects in the business, work with other IT resources to find solutions to these problems, identify areas that may become strained or valuable in the future, and appraise & evaluate new technology applicable to existing or potential requirements. And this is only the start of it.  Tasks  The tasks are divided in both individual work and projects. You will work in a small and agile team with IT colleagues from Sweden & China, as well as interacting with external collaborators, suppliers etc. from across the globe. Your decisions matter and you will be given a high degree of trust and empowered to solve issues to ensure that the business receives the IT services that they need. Your main tasks include: ·         Work with technical engineers in the business areas assisting with methods/workflow, application optimization, automation etc to improve the overall user experience and efficiency. ·         Assist in developing standards and work with our external providers to implement them. ·         Participate in Change Advisory Board (CAB) to propose, review and approve standards, exceptions etc. ·         Participate in both internal IT and business projects as Subject Matter Expert (SME) ·         Work with our external service providers to assist in advanced troubleshooting, reviewing and signing off Root Cause Analysis reports etc.  
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