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Uppdrag: 4607: Data Engineer ()
Produkter: Java, Python, SQL
Roller: Systemutvecklare
Beskrivning: At Client Platform, a part of our Platform Mission, we are passionate about amplifying productivity, quality and innovation. Client Platform strives to bring a great experience for mobile developers , and through this deliver stable and reliable products for people to enjoy. We design and maintain high-quality datasets and python data workflows that enable all squads within Client Platform to draw insights. We collaborate closely with engineers, data scientists and team leads across the product areas and Client Platform to create and promote shared methods to make data-informed decisions. We drive long-term internal initiatives, on topics such as data quality, ways of working, technical health, and more. Who you are You adapt easily to new problems, new technical environments, new teams to collaborate with. You are passionate about learning from them. You have several years of relevant software development experience, with a degree or equivalent knowledge in computer science, mathematics, engineering, or a similar discipline. You have development skills in Java or Python, and SQL You care about agile software processes and evidence-based development You have empathy for your peers You are passionate about crafting clean code and have a steady foundation in coding Where you'll be We are a distributed workforce enabling our band members to find a work mode that is best for them! Where in the world? For this role, it can be within the Europe region in which we have a work location Prefer an office to work from home instead? Not a problem! We have plenty of options for your working preferences. Find more information about our Work From Anywhere options here. Working hours? We operate within the Eastern Standard time
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