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Uppdrag: 4610: Configuration Manager ()
Produkter: Jira, Agile
Roller: Projektledare
Beskrivning: We are looking for a configuration manager to join our global organization, working in an agile way together with colleagues who are sharing your passion for aftermarket. The mission of the Configuration Manager is to support the agile teams and the line management with change, release & configuration management, to control what constitutes our work products in terms of contents throughout their lifecycle. Create/maintain the Generic Configuration Management plan and structure in JIRA. Define/maintain the naming, version and documentation conventions. Coach and train the agile teams. Act as first hand support for the teams regarding JIRA. You shall have significant experience in configuration management, JIRA, agile way of working, as well as within product development or aftermarket. And to be successful in this position we think you are a fast learner with a result oriented mindset and an optimistic attitude.
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